Believe It So… Make It So

Star Trek has always been my favorite science fiction series. I particularly liked when Jean Luc Picard would give the command of “Make it so”. .

Over the last couple of years I have become a fan of positive affirmations and meditation. I feel they have helped me grow into a happier and more positive person. I initially turned to guided meditations to help me sleep. (Thank you Jason Stephenson and his YouTube video’s for getting me back to sleeping regularly). YouTube gives you suggestions once you listen to something and that was how I became introduced to positive affirmations.

But enough of now my mind got me here… My thought for this first day of the New Year was to change up “Make it so” into “Believe it so”. Now I don’t think you can just believe something into existence – but I do have faith that if you Believe something AND Work toward that something … You will…Make it so. 



Quirk or Superstition?

I believe that your superstitions are a type of quirky behavior. I just know, I can’t stop myself from making the three X’s on my windshield when a black cat runs across in front of my car while I’m driving. It is just a natural action, I hardly give it any thought. I wonder sometimes if any one else does this at all? Of if it was just a local superstition? Well, that happens to be one of my many quirky quirks! Daily PromptXXX Black Cat Bad Luck Prevention