Bohemian Wild Child

I am the quipster that refuses to write in complete sentences. Unique, quirky girl who is a wild Gypsy at heart. Rooms filled with colors and textures. Windchimes hanging over the bed. Lots of lace and flowing Gypsy skirts and shawls. Paisley is just perfect!

The 3 B’s, Beads, Bangles & Bracelets! Can a girl really wear too many bracelets? Lets not forget the ankle bracelets and rings on her fingers and bells on her toes! The More the Merrier!

Purple streaks in my hair!  I’m thinking in the future the grey hair will hold the purple color quite nicely! But there is that one item I can cannot live without, scarves! Throw them on the bed or on your head! Wrap up presents, sprained ankles or fashion them into curtains! Every decent or indecent bohemian woman has a good stash of scarves!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this wandering post – I really don’t write many text based blog posts. I tend to blog with images and color with short quips and quotes. So bear with this wild bohemian girl as I run wild and unchecked through the prose tonight! (regrets to my favorite English teacher and thank you to the Daily Post for the Daily Prompt)


3 thoughts on “Bohemian Wild Child

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