Is It All In The Eyes?

I was thinking about some of the guys on television that I find the most attractive and trying to figure out what it was about each of them that I really liked. What is it about them makes my heart go pitter-patter? They are each very different men – but IS there one thing that is common to all of them?

Three of them are portraying very strong men in their acting roles at the moment. Then you have Jase Robertson, with all his hunting and fishing he would definitely qualify as a manly man. I’m quite sure the strong male persona could have something to do with my attraction.Image It also seems safe to say that I do seem to have something for tall, dark and handsome men, but when you throw in Norman Reedus so much for the “dark” swarthy look. So after really studying each mans photo (and believe me that was hard work)  I have narrowed it down to ….. the eyes…. I think there is a deep passionate, soulful look in each mans eyes. Harry Dresden in the Dresden Files books talks about a sharing a soul gaze – a sharing of ones soul when you look deeply into another persons eyes. But it could be it a boyish playful nature that seems to show up in the crinkles on the corners of those eyes when they smile? I’m just not sure… they are four very different men that have each have “something” that appeals to me. Oh, but wait! Maybe “eye” have it! Could it be the scruffy beards???  Well, whatever it is…. I like it!!!


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